Pitou Urbain Laval‘s mission

Contribute to the development of a harmonious relationship between dog and handler by providing educational solutions and preventive wellness of the dog.

Pitou Urbain Laval‘s values

  • A personalized approach …. every dog and owner are unique.
  • Using gentle, respectful and appropriate canine language methods.
  • Safe interventions focused on cognitive, physical and social stimulation of the dog.
  • A flexible service tailored to the urban lifestyle, at your home or ours.
  • Competent professionals … certified and insured.

Areas served by Pitou Urbain Laval

We have two training facilities for group lessons: one located in Dorval and the other in Ste. Élisabeth, near Joliette. For courses / consulting and other services for home visits, we go to Montreal, Laval , Lanaudiere and the Laurentians. If you’re not sure what we can offer you service wise simply contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

Pitou Urbain Laval‘s team

Paul and Danka

We are two professionals and a couple in real life. After careful consideration, we decided to embrace a new career in order to follow our passion, dogs, and want to share it with you. That’s why we founded Pitou Urbain Laval. We understand firsthand what difficulties dog owners face on a daily basis, as well as the guilt. Balancing the needs of the dog with the demands of work and family is not always obvious. With Pitou Urbain Laval, we bring you various options to find balance in your life to meet the basic needs of the dog.

We are both certified dog trainers specialized in dog behavior. We are members of the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) and the Canadian Association of Professional Pet and Dog Trainers (CAPPDT). We make a point to be abreast of the latest research and new training opportunities in the field of dog training. Most recently, we have been introduced to agility and sheep herding.


  • Study of canine behavioral psychology
  • Method managements behavior
  • Clicker training
  • First aid
  • Obedience, Freestyle and canicross
  • Groups and breeds
  • Aggressivity


Above all, I am an animal lover. I have been working in the animal field since 1987, having acquired some farmland with my husband. Dogs have also had a special place of their own. In order to help those less fortunate, we became a host family twice for the Mira Foundation. I’ve always had the welfare of animals at heart and I have a great attraction for dogs in general. So I took several courses.

It all started with a training called Cyno-Professional now called Cyno-Do, a veterinary medical school. Following this course and wishing to pursue a dream of mine, I got my degree in 2010 as Animal Health Technician. My will to help people within dog education prompted me to train as a canine educator. Eager for training, I had the chance to train as a coach with animal behaviorist Dr. Joel Dehasse in 2014. During the past year, I followed the course of applied ethology given by Dr. Marine Cassoret. Aggression is often a problem in the dog world, I also attended a seminar on canine aggression. I now have a whole wealth of knowledge to help homeowners in education and management of canine behavior. I am a member of the association of animal health technicians in Quebec and the professional association of behaviorist practitioners.

Maryse Sauvé, TSA and behaviorist practitioner

If you are looking for committed, passionate professionals who can understand you and tailor their responses to you and the needs of your dog, do not hesitate to contact Pitou Urbain Laval.